Mission Statement: To help youth be safe, supported, and successful.

Vision: All youth reach their full potential

Belief: We believe that all youth deserve opportunities to succeed.

Uniques: Unmatched expertise + unique programs + whatever-it-takes approach

Our Core Values:

  • Compassion: We care deeply. About the youth we serve, their families, and the community.
  • Commitment: We are in it for the long haul. We don’t quit or give up just because we’re faced with challenges or adversity. We dig deeper and stay focused on our mission to strengthen youth.
  • Integrity: We stand on principles of honesty and transparency. We strive for justice and fairness. We seek to build trust with those we serve.
  • Respect: The youth and families we serve have inherent value and strengths. We honor them by treating them that way.
  • Accessibility: We’re here when we’re needed the most for those who need us the most.

Who We Are
Haven House Services is the place where youth who need help find it. Founded in 1973, Haven House operates 11 programs that help more than 1,200 youth in need each year overcome their challenges and find a path to success. Whether they are experiencing homelessness, a crisis at home or school, gang involvement, or problems involving the juvenile justice system, we help youth identify their goals, connect with needed resources, and build skills needed for long-term success.

For full details about the number and demographics of youth served, please check out our latest annual report

Our History (click here for .pdf of agency timeline)
Haven House Services was founded in 1973 to provide community-based services to at-risk youth and their families in Wake County.

Haven House Services grew out of an incident in 1972 that illuminated the gaps in services for struggling young people in the community.  Rev. Al Dimmock, a local pastor, was volunteering in juvenile court when the court faced the case of a young girl who could not go home, was not appropriate for training school, and had no other options.

This case compelled Rev. Dimmock to create a place of refuge for young people experiencing difficult circumstances. This place became Haven House Services, which was incorporated in 1973. Initially a group home for girls, a group home for boys followed in December 1975.  From there, a natural evolution of services began:

  • 1974–2008: Residential Services for 10-17 year old youth: group homes located on Horne St., Shepherd St., Gorman St., and Wake Forest Rd.
  • 1981: Wrenn House crisis intervention and runaway shelter opened
  • 1981: Preparation for Independent Living, a transitional living and drop-in program for homeless youth, 16-21 years old
  • 1983–2009: Youth Enrichment Services, a one-on-one volunteer mentoring program
  • 1984–2010: Intensive in-home counseling
  • 1987: Safe Place, a network of 200 county-wide locations to assist youth in crisis (Component of Wrenn House)
  • 2002: Homesteaders MST, in-home counseling using Multi-Systemic Therapy
  • 2003: Restitution and Community Service allows court-involved youth to conduct community service
  • 2003: Street outreach for homeless youth
  • 2005: Agency Accreditation – Council on Accreditation
  • 2005: Second Round Boxing, a program that focuses on discipline, self-control and empowerment
  • 2006: Structured Day Program, a place for short-term suspended youth to be supervised and stay current with their schoolwork and SCORE, a WCPSS alternative program for long-term suspended youth
  • 2010: Gang Outreach
  • 2011: Juvenile Diversion Team
  • 2011: Community Alternative Program
  • 2012: Skills for Success
  • 2013: Assessment Team

Interested in taking a tour of our facilities to learn more? Contact Dawn Dolan at ddolan@havenhousenc.org or 919-833-3312 to arrange.