Haven House Celebrates Black History Month

The month of February is Black History Month. Since 1976, the month has been dedicated to the remembrance of the contributions by African Americans. Haven House Services acknowledges Black History Month to highlight the adversity African Americans have faced. Haven House recognizes the many African Americans who have made a difference in our history. We also recognize the struggles that have taken place and how it has affected not only how African Americans are represented, but specifically the youth we serve.  

Although there are many success stories of what African Americans have accomplished, there were many setbacks along the way. Historical and structural racism has caused African Americans to be misrepresented in certain aspects of culture.  

Haven House recognizes and addresses the overrepresentation of youth of color in the juvenile justice system. Black youth are at a higher risk of entering the juvenile justice system than white youth. Even though they are a minority in general populations, black youth represent 30 percent of juvenile court referrals, 38 percent of youth in residential placement, and 58 percent of youth admitted to state adult prison (  

Want to get involved in your community for Black History Month? Check out this link to see a list of events in the Triangle.

Written by Faith White, 2023 Intern

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