Street Outreach Receives New Outreach Van

Our Street Outreach program provides youth experiencing homelessness ages 16-24 with food, hygiene kits, skill-building courses, case management, and referrals to needed services in hopes of helping them move off the streets and into permanent housing. Street Outreach staff go out in the community to connect with youth that are experiencing homelessness in order to build relationships, earn trust, and let them know that Haven House is here to help them.

Our Street Outreach program recently was able to purchase a new van using COVID relief funding. This new van allows program staff to expand their outreach into the community more than ever before. 

Prior to having this van, staff would have to schedule a time to meet with youth to provide them with warm coats, tents, or any other larger essential items. Now, staff will always have these items on hand, ensuring that youth will receive the essentials they desperately need right in the moment they need them. Staff will be able to dedicate more time completing outreach rather than preparing for it.

In addition, the hope is the van will also aid staff in building trust with youth in need. As the van returns to its frequent outreach locations each week, youth will know what to look for to seek assistance and access basic need items.

Learn more about our Street Outreach program on our website or on the program’s Facebook page.

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