Multi-Systemic Therapy

The Multisystemic Therapy (MST) program is an evidence based treatment program that partners with youth and their families in efforts to strengthen the family unit and ensure that youth can successfully remain in their homes and/or their communities.

Youth involved in the MST program are often having significant difficulties functioning in their homes, schools and communities, demonstrating evidence of emotional disturbances, substance abuse issues and/or aggressive/antisocial behaviors that are characterized as delinquency. Youth and families involved in MST participate in an intensive 5 month program that requires the active involvement of the caregiver(s), through home based counseling sessions at a frequency of multiple weekly visits. Utilizing  a strengths based approach, the MST therapist builds on the youth and family’s existing strengths in order to address the areas of concern. MST provides all families that participate in this program with 24/7 support, as well as flexible scheduling of all appointments. For more information on the MST treatment model, please visit Admission/Eligibility criteria: Youth ages 12-17 with caregiver(s) willing to participate actively in treatment. Staff with MST work out of the Bullard Court Office.

Program Documentation: