Second Round

Second Round uses boxing, weight training, and other forms of exercise to teach youth self-discipline, team work, leadership, healthy living, and other pro-socialization elements.

Our facility, located at our agency headquarters facility at 1008 Bullard Court in Raleigh,  is equipped with an amateur-size boxing ring, multiple punching bags, rubberized flooring, and a complete weight room. Program sessions are structured and challenging for participants, and typically entail warm-up, stretching, calisthenics, running, jump rope, weight training, and boxing skills. Participants are required to engage in education and/or employment to remain in the program.  The program leverages physical activities to teach youth self-discipline, teamwork, leadership, healthy living and positive social behaviors

All participating youth, and parents/guardians if youth is younger than 18 years old, must attend a new member orientation. Interested youth will need to come dressed out and prepared to participate in a workout. All orientation sessions are held at the Bullard Court Office. To learn more about attending an orientation session, please contact Shameka at

The program serves youth/young adults between the ages of 12-21 that are involved in, or at-risk of becoming involved in negative behaviors that include delinquent activity, gang activity, substance use, verbal/physical aggression, school suspensions, etc. Programming occurs Monday through Thursday from 3:00 PM –6:00 PM.

Program Documentation: