2021 Anita White Award for Child Advocacy

In 2015, Haven House Services established the Anita White Award for Child Advocacy in honor of Anita White. Anita was an employee and leader at Haven House Services for over 40 years and advocated on behalf of children every day.

This award is given to a deserving staff member that has positively impacted youth and families through their work, and demonstrates the following characteristics:

  • A deep and caring desire to help youth
  • Commitment to and engagement in collaborative work to improve the wellbeing of youth
  • Understands the unique needs of youth and is sensitive to commonalities and differences of youth with diverse backgrounds
  • Positive persistence and professionalism in their work on behalf of youth
  • Strong ethical conduct and positive role model to other youth workers and youth champions
  • Committed to seeking solutions for challenges facing youth and takes action on their behalf

In 2021, we awarded two of Haven House’s staff members the Anita White Award for Child Advocacy.

Miranda Saling Aultman is a Clinician who works with multiple Haven House programs. Read how Miranda’s coworkers describe her below:

“Miranda is effortlessly altruistic. Not only does she empower clients in her care, but she also empowers everyone around her. Every action Miranda takes at Haven House is in service of the youth and families we serve, and she will do so even in the face of a little defeat, for as long as they need.”

Katie Glass is a Licensed Clinical Assessor with our Juvenile Assessment Team. Read how Katie’s coworkers describe her below:

“Katie brings everything she’s got every single day. Not only does she serve our youth with passion and empathy, but she also serves her coworkers with that same level of support and compassion. She always checks in when she knows another coworker is struggling with a client or is working hard with a family that has high-level needs. She’s always available for a “consult” for coworkers that need a sounding board and is very resourceful and can point someone in the right direction.”

Congratulations to Miranda and Katie! Thank you for your dedication to Haven House Services and to youth in our community!

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