Community Alternatives Program

The Community Alternatives Program provides intensive case management, intensive monitoring, family support and services for youth currently at risk for placement in detention or pending release from detention.

Youth referred to the Community Alternatives Program (CAP) maintain highly structured schedules which include individual monitoring, participation in supervised programs, pro-social activities and other identified services. Youth engagement reduces the risk of re-offending as well as shortens the length of time spent in detention. CAP staff provide intensive case management, monitoring and mentoring to motivate youth to gain positive outcomes.

Youth Care Specialists work one-on-one with youth, creating individual goals that are designed to help them remain in compliance with their court sanctions. Youth Care Specialists and CAP Monitor(s) maintain face-to-face contact with each youth weekly to ensure they are abiding by their court ordered conditions which includes curfews. CAP accepts referrals directly from the Wake County Juvenile Court and Department of Juvenile Justice Staff. CAP staff work out of the Bullard Court Office.

Program Documentation: