Outpatient Therapy

The Outpatient Therapy Program provides quality support ranging from clinical assessments, individual and family therapy sessions, guidance on your recovery journey, education, and additional mental health resources to our youth (ages 6-24). Together we can create a thriving community for all.

Our Approach and What to Expect

If you haven’t tried counseling, you may wonder what it’s like. Our clinicians work hard to provide personalized experiences that best meet your needs and your goals. Our approach is centered in timely access to mental health services, individualized plans, and compassion. We will attentively listen, offer encouragement, and create a safe environment for you to talk about anything and everything.

Having your first appointment may feel intimidating. Let’s walk through the steps: You will be asked to fill out some initial paperwork and we will connect with you to schedule your appointment During your first appointment, the clinician will ask a lot of questions about you, your general and mental health history, your friends and family, your concerns, and your goals. Using this information, the clinician will then work alongside you to suggest a plan that is both achievable and agreeable to you. To be able to do this, we bring a wide range of therapeutic experiences, training & certifications that support this work with your and your family such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, and solution focused therapy.

Wondering if Therapy is a Good Option for You?

You’re not alone! Seeking help from a mental health professional is something many people consider, especially when:

  • There has been a significant life event, change, loss, or crisis
  • There has been a lot of stress or conflict that feels hard to manage
  • They have been feeling down or anxious
  • They have been using substances
  • They want to make a change in their life
  • They want help in their school or work life
  • They have found it hard to deal with relationships – either with friends, family, or significant others
  • They just want a listening ear free from judgement

Eligibility Criteria and Program Details:

  • Youth must be aged 6-24 and reside in Wake County.
  • We offer both individual sessions for the youth and family therapy sessions as well for youth, caregivers, and family.
  • We can accept all of the Medicaid standard plans (Alliance, AmeriHealth, Carolina Complete Health, HealthyBlue, United Health care Community Plan, and WellCare).
  • We can offer sliding scale for uninsured or underinsured clients.

Regardless of your reason, therapy offers a broad array of benefits for all of us such as improving communication, learning new coping skills, and developing new perspectives on the things that are important to you.